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Floodsill — A Global approach for protecting basements finishes from water and mold!

Now for less than $250, homeowners can protect their finished basements from water damage and mold

Time has shown that conventional construction fails in below-grade/basement environments. CMHC indicates that over 50% of existing homes have mold presence exceeding acceptable levels! Ground water and plumbing leaks are a common occurrence in below-grade basement construction. Statistics show that most homes will experience a flood in their basement before the mortgage is paid off. Learn more...

Incorporating Floodsill into your design makes sense for Sustainable construction!

For the Home Owner

Healthy Basement

In the past, finished basements were always at risk from water damage, posing a burden to owners, insurance companies and our environment.

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For the Contractor & DIY

Smart Basement

Building living space below grade has greater challenges than conventional above grade construction.

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For the Home Builder & Architect

Sustainable Construction

Building codes have permitted minimum standards in basement construction without provision from the negative impact of flooding.

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