FLOODSILL — is the new 2x4 base plate for basements.

Made from light weight yet tough polystyrene, Floodsill is mold and water proof. Floodsill elevates partitions 2" above basement floors, protecting them from both internal and external flooding. The drainage pattern on the underside allows water to flow directly to floor drain, rather than trapping it behind the walls causing mold to quickly develop.
Floodsill is a SMART solution and a must for all basements.

Floodsill with 3½ Roxul® Insulation

Floodsill with Spray Foam Insulation

Floodsill with Hybrid Batt & Rigid Insulation

Benefits of using Floodsill

  • Elevates partitions 2" above basement floor
  • Water can flow underneath wall partitions directly to floor drain
  • Prevents water damage and mold
  • Lightweight, simple to install
  • Lifetime guarantee
Moisture Proof Below Grade Wall Construction


"We didn’t waterproof the exterior of our basement, but with FLOODSILL under our partitions we feel safe"
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